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As a leader in News Media Training, we specialize in hands-on instruction. We will teach you how to control the message and generate favorable news coverage in good times and bad.

We plan to comply with all safety and health regulations wherever we teach.  

"Successful public information officers aren't born, they are created."
- The PIO Teachers

We train you to represent your agency effectively in all forms of news media, no matter the story. 


Through our training, you will learn how to:

  • Manage media relations in a crisis

  • Control media interviews

  • Write news releases and advisories that

        shape the story and encourage coverage

  • Anticipate media demands and

        understand what drives coverage 

  • Improve your on-camera performance

  • Stage successful press conferences

  • Raise public awareness of your agency

  • Use Social Media to its best advantage


Please click on the drop-down menu "Schedule/Registration" (top of page) to view our most recent update. (January 2024) 

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